Get the PowerConnect™ Advantage

At the core of the lineup of Computer Telephony software products is Amdale’s "open" architecture-based PowerConnect™ engine, built around global industry standards. Its uses telephony cards from acknowledged world-leading OEM manufacturers - be it analog, T-1, E-1, IP or SS7 - all of which can be integrated in the same server.



PowerConnect™ Client
The ultimate rapid application development and testing tool

Building computer telephony solutions couldn't be easier. you won't need to write a single line of script or program code, no matter what solution you are building. Simply drop in the "building blocks" you need for a solution, quickly configure their properties through easy-to-use Wizards, and you are ready to roll!



Amdale's PowerConnect™
- Comprehensive CTI Solutions in a Box

PowerConnect™ is an open architecture-based middleware that provides unmatched flexibility to graphically integrate all kinds of business support systems into single unified computer telephony applications. The following are a broad classification - or a sample list - of the building blocks using which you can build practically any computer integrated telephony solution conceivable:
Speech-enabled Contact Centers
Predictive Dialers UMS
Automated Information Delivery
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